To have a first impression of how quality glass is produced by Omniglass see the process-overview below.

First step in the production process is the design of the windscreen

Buying untreated quality material from prestigious suppliers. This guarantees the quality standards required by the automotive industry

Cutting of the raw glass by a computerised and full automatic operating cutting machine. In this way human errors can be avoided

Process 2 Omniglass

Grinding off the very sharp edges of the cutted glass

Process 3 Omniglass

The glass is submitted to intensive washing, preparing it for their future assembling

Process 5 Omniglass

Silk print (screening) of the glass. We have the adequate equipment to develop any type of silk print on the glass. This is a necessary step in the process in order to prevent any UV-light affecting the glue that attaches the windscreen to the bus

Process 6 Omniglass

Bending of the glass. Our traditional knowledge of curving glass and the hightec machinery combined with a modern control of the process ables us to manufacture complex shapes of the windscreens

Process 6 Omniglass

Laminating the glass. Assembling a PVB between two glass screens and prepare the windscreen for autoclaving 

Process 6 Omniglass

The next step in the process is the autoclave. The joined effects of pressure and heat during a period of time provide the total adhesively of the glass with an interlayer

Process 7 Omniglass

Quality control is necessary in order to keep our standards high. Here light is being used to test the quality of the printing

Process 7 Omniglass

With the utmost care, the glass is carried to the storage room, after which it will be shipped to the customer

Process 7 Omniglass